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Top 4 Reasons Why Our Holidays are Teenager Friendly!

If you don't want to go on holiday with the infamous stroppy adolescent, Kevin the teenager, we're here to help.

Finding a teenage friendly holiday is no easy task because teenagers are some of the most sophisticated consumers around. They're aspiring towards adulthood and therefore crave independence, but also need and want security. Teenagers rightly want a say in what they do on holiday and gone are the days where they just merrily follow you around on the promise of an ice-cream. With this in mind, important to find a holiday that your teenager will find fun and also that the whole family can enjoy.

It can also become increasingly hard to find ways to connect with your teenager so finding a holiday where you all get to enjoy activities together, is a great way to solve this problem.

Top of the list of what teenagers want from a holiday, according to researchers is water based activities. Other things on the list include:

  • Activities organised for them

  • Team sports

  • Opportunities to make friends and socialise

  • Some freedom

So with the research in mind, here's 4 things that we offer that your teenager is likely to enjoy on our holidays...

  1. Water Based Activities

Our family activity holiday includes a full day of water sports (delivered by our qualified instructors) including canoeing, raft building and stand up paddleboarding. We try hard to organise activity groups into similar ages so your teenager will be with other children of a similar age (ticking the socialise and make friends box too!)

2. Activities organised for them

Along with water sports, our holidays include lots of other fun, organised adventurous activities that are always a hit with teenagers (and parents join in too). Activities on offer include caving (in a real cave), climbing, high ropes, archery, water sports and so much more! Once again, all activities are shared with other like-minded families and children of similar ages so this is a fun, sociable holiday.

3. Opportunities to make friends & socialise

Making friends comes naturally on our holidays because you'll be doing activities together each day, sharing meal times, enjoying evening activities. These friendships enable your teenager to find the friends, space and independence they crave.

4. Some freedom

All activities are organised and included in the price of the holiday but your teenager is free to join in and opt out as they wish. It's not often that someone chooses to opt out because the activities are so much fun, but the option is there. Because our holidays are exclusive to families our activity centre is exclusive to families during your stay. This means that it's a very safe environment for your child to have the freedom to be with their friends.

Teenage friendly outdoor activity family holiday

To find out more about our teenage friendly holidays visit our website

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