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Should you book your 2021 Summer Holiday?

The question everyone is asking is whether they should book their holiday now or wait until the Covid-19 guidance for the summer becomes clearer.

With the latest messages ranging from it's going to be a Great British Summer to it's too early to book your holiday, it's clear to see why people may be confused or holding off from booking their holiday!

But what if you really want to have a summer holiday lined up and have something to look forward to? Should you book your holiday now? Here's why you should book a holiday with High Adventure Holidays (and can do so with confidence):

  1. Low deposit- We only ask for a £200 deposit to secure your summer holiday, with nothing else to pay until June 2021, when the news of the summer should be clearer. This deposit is fully refundable if your holiday can't go ahead due to Covid-19.

  2. Well established, reputable company- With over 20 years of experience, High Adventure is a well established and reputable company, giving you peace of mind that your money is safe & secure.

  3. Covid-19 Refund Guarantee- we promise to transfer your holiday or give you a full refund if your holiday can't go ahead due to Covid-19. Read our Covid-19 Promise.

  4. Get ahead of the crowds- It is looking likely that the staycation is going to be the main holiday option this summer, meaning places are likely to get booked up very quickly soon. Reserve your holiday now to make sure you get the holiday and dates that you want. By choosing a holiday company with low deposits and offering a refund guarantee, the risk is low and the benefits are high.

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